Post date: Apr 28, 2015 10:58:38 AM

Writing this from Papakura. Maria and Tim's first night back in their own home and the mother/mother-in-law comes to stay. Life is tough.

We know New Zealanders have a real soft spot for pet animals - can get quite soppy over puppies and kittens - soooooo cute. One New Plymouth family have taken this to extremes. They got given a pet called Abner - pet already has problems with that name but that is only the beginning. Abner is a duck with deformed legs. I am the last person that should be discriminating on the grounds of disability so should be applauding the family who have gone to great lengths to make Abner comfortable. He gets carried a lot. But Internet research led them to create a duck wheelchair! And yes I did check if you google "duck wheelchair" you will find put that our New Plymouth family are not alone. Not sure how large the duck wheelchair market might be - so far seems to be limited to DIY types. Probably not the kind of market that will take off. Should duck for cover with that kind of pun.