Why have a child when you could have a giraffe

Post date: Sep 26, 2012 4:35:41 AM

Found this on Stuff - had to share.

Inland Revenue recently pegged the price of raising a child to 18 at $250,000 - I would probably argue higher if your child is a Kirby kid!

Little Ket will leave Mum & Dad change for $8000 over the course of her lifetime, whereas Lily makes short work of almost $15000.

A giraffe's upkeep cost is estimated at $250,000 - the same as a child.

I couldnt help but think that with a giraffe's purchase price estimated at $100,000+ you could argue that children are cheaper and (dare I say it?) more fun - at least in terms of start up costs! :)

I think Tim & I will stick to our goldfish for now... with 4 we are still only making a $1200 investment!


and I wonder if a two headed giraffe would cost more?