You can blame your father

Post date: Feb 23, 2012 9:5:18 AM

News came out today that says you will be sorry you had a dark haired father and that actually the Eley boys, Lachlan and Maeve are more fortunate that you three.

There is an organisation ion Australia called the Red and Nearly Ginger Association (RANGA) whose research has shown that redheads have better sex lives.

And apparently this is true regardless of whether you are gay or straight provided you are ginger

RANGA is so convinced of the desirability of redheads that it is this weekend launching the ''world's first publicly available DNA screen for red-hairedness'' in Melbourne at its annual SummerGINGE fundraiser for orang-utans.

So you will have to look on in envy at your sexier cousins with ginger hair!

Tired tonight - been busy day with job interview this morning, auction later in the morning for the office we owned and then the golf tournament. Latter two have already been deemed successful - the first one I won't know till tomorrow but I think they are looking at internal candidate.