Dangerous play

Post date: Sep 15, 2013 4:0:26 AM

Did you know that in the USA on average 22 people a year die due to an accident with a teddy bear? In an average year one person a year dies from being attacked by a real bear. So whaddya know - teddy bears are more dangerous than the real thing!!

Not only are teddy bears dangerous to humans but there was also a teddy bear that killed 2,500 fish when it got dropped into a trout hatchery and clogged the pipes and the fish died.

I guess real bears have killed more fish than that - they eat them after all.

So next time you look at a teddy bear or a remote controlled helicopter remember playing is a dangerous activity!

One of the blog posts that didn't happen this week was the one about the man who died when his remote controlled helicopter turned on him, and decapitated him. Man is not even the first to die by remote controlled helicopters - someone had before him. Can't help thinking this must have been a bigger remote controlled helicopter thanI have seen sold in Dick Smiths! Do you think these toys will come with health warnings?