Momentous day

Post date: Mar 02, 2012 8:46:28 AM

News today that the cathedral in Christchurch will not be rebuilt. It will be taken down to 1 m above ground level and the treasures removed. I am relieved really. I think cathedrals were really important historical buildings but they are not the centre of religious or community now. You only need to be in the cathedral for a normal Sunday service to realise how little value the majority of citizens value the spiritual significance. Needless to say there are already a number of people who are coming out to say "Over my dead body" but of course that is part of the challenge that rebuilding the cathedral may well result in a number of dead bodies - has been true of historical cathedral buildings and the unstable central Chch soil would make it areal liability.

Also historical institution at risk is the Otago Rugby Union which was to go into liquidation today. Had a reprieve for a week but may yet flounder. Having a rugby organization admit they have run out of money is a challenge to the NZ psyche that has at least as many ramifications as the cathedral.