Post date: Aug 17, 2012 9:6:47 PM

Unusually for me I went to the local Beervana event last night with Shelley's Craig but without Mum. Craig was a co-organiser and certainly knows his beers. It was held at the stadium concourse and took up about a quarter of the full circle. I found 4 hours about 2 hours too long, but salute those who started at 12 (the lunch session) and stayed through the evening session til 10! As you could buy a sample or a full glass you could try a lot of beer over the time. And there were those who were constantly putting tasting notes into their phones or ipads

Mostly for you Adrian...

Breweries with their own bars at the event are:

    • 8 Wired

    • Black Rock Brewing

    • Boundary Rd

    • Cassels & Sons

    • Emerson's

    • Epic

    • Garage Project

    • Mac's

    • McCashin's Brewery

    • Moa

    • Monteith's Brewing Co

    • Redwood Cider Company

    • ParrotDog

    • Tuatara