An unusual Chch problem

Post date: Nov 18, 2013 6:16:13 AM

Saw Gran who is looking forward to seeing M&S in 4 weeks. Nana also excited. All getting very close.

Have been in Chch today so reading Press at airport. Wonderful story about woman who lives on Bealey Ave who has been charged with assault. This might not seem odd until you hear the story. Homeowner was at home enjoying the peace and tranquility of her place having a drink on deck.. Heard some odd noises - went to investigate and found a prostitute and client "at it" in her garden. Homeowner expressed her disapproval loudly it would seem, argument started, prostitute lunged at homeowner upset that her business was interrupted homeowner hit back. Homeowner went inside shut for. Prostitute and client left - but only to talk to Police. A Constable Tim-like person arrived to charge homeowner with assault.

Apparently since Manchester St has been cordoned off there is an issue about where the night time street trade can happen and a number of city residents are complaining that their gardens become bordellos.