MCG Belated post!

Post date: Jan 22, 2017 9:17:8 PM

Adrian and I did enjoy the tour of the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) and the two themes throughout were scale and history. They do both well.

The little old man who ran the tour was very spry hustling us along at quite a pace and seemingly knowing a great deal about the MCG. He's been a member longer than you guys have been alive so not surprising.

The grounds themselves were being used by keen young cricketers who can now tell their friends that they trained on the MCG.

The plushness (a word?) of the members areas compared to the relatively sparse press facilities stood out for me but we may not consider that the very partisan commentators who torment us when we watch cricket from Australia deserve any better.

Noticed by the end that the elderly guide was flagging a little with the stairs, but he was still pretty impressive! It was a privilege to visit but when cricket is at the MCG just now, I can never see the yellow seat that shows the biggest six ever struck!