Cure for worms??

Post date: Feb 03, 2014 8:48:25 AM

Have you got worms? No I really don't want to know about your bowel habits but if you have earworms there is a cure. I didn't know that earworms is the term for a snatch of song that is caught in your head and you find yourself humming/ singing/thinking about it all the time. This has to be a real first world problem

Apparently there is a cure that works in England for this serious affliction. If you hum or sing God Save The Queen repetitively then it eventually overpowers the earworms. The Finnish research doesn't show the same effect - but did they try God Save The Queen or something Finnish??

So I am left wondering if in NZ to cure earworms you need to hum or sing God Save The Queen or does God Defend New Zealand have the same effect?