What's your title?

Post date: Mar 21, 2013 7:48:21 PM

Maria, among others sent me a link to the australian news item about an office worker who claims he lost his hearing due to working next to a woman with a loud voice and an even louder laugh.


Knowing that the only 2 formal complaints that I have had in my working lif relate to my loud laugh I am a tad sensitive about this! Not sensitive enough to change though . . .and I do know that my laugh/joie de vivre is something that adds joy to many colleagues - I get told this ion a daily basis.

But in the best sense of research I Googled "can you laugh too much at work?" and there is of course 158,000,000 answers - most of which seem to be Yes!

I did like one comment in one of the responses - which went along the lines of - So you’re Mr Loud Laugh or Little Miss Gaffaw. somewhere in the office are the rest of the gang:

-Mr. Bad Breath

-Ms. Too Strong Perfume

-That Man That Happiness Forgot

-Mrs. I Don’t Wash My Hands

-Mr. Personal Business at High Volume

- Little Miss Tuneless

I thought this was a lovely description of any office at all. And did remind me of Mr Men . . which of course we all relate to "I would like a piece of meat"

who do you work with? Who are you? I accept the Ms Loud Laugh title

Oh and the best part of the australian news story is the man lost his claim - the woman's laughter did not cause his hearing loss or his stress! He probably gets the title "The Man that happiness forgot"