Go the trains

Post date: May 20, 2013 9:1:1 AM

Go the trains indeed

In our office 9 of the 16 staff come by train. This morning when I got to work just after 8 ne of the 9 was there she had been on a v early train. The next train riders came in around 9:30 and the last just after 10:45

No it wasn't that we had a pile of sleeper-in staff. At least one of them took 3 hours to do the normal 30 min ride from Hutt. A Paraparaumu train derailed at around 7:45 this morning between Kaiwharawhara and Wellington. Given the time there was a huge backlog of people to be taken off trains and onto buses to get to work. Apparently there were real challenges - for example people who needed to go to loo had a challenge because you weren't meant to get off train without police supervision due to electrified lines.

Wellington has had an advertising campaign for some time encouraging people to "Go the trains"A bit like Jetstar flights when trans work they work really really well but when they don't the collapse is spectacular