Post date: Feb 07, 2014 9:49:6 AM

For one person (fortunately not me) the night was much more dramatic/tempestuous - youngish man collapsed during performance - had to be taken off the island and to hospital. I feared I was going to have to offer my recently acquired first aid skills - scary for man and me!!

End of eventful week. It seems a long time since we were at Mariluca's for our anniversary. Tonight Tony is in Chch with Jenny and Marie. Hopefully Gran gets discharged from hospital tomorrow and will be back in her own bed. Last night we went to see a Shakespeare play - The tempest. What was different was this was set on Matiu-Somes Island in the harbour. So we start off at the wharf getting on the Days Bay ferry with 70 other people and 5 actors. A young man sits next to Tony and lo and behold the play starts as the ferry leaves. It was an amazing setting and we were very lucky that it was a stunning night

Setting for play was "interesting". Part of it was boat; part was the walk up the hill; part in animal quarantine area - cow pens etc and last part in an outside courtyard. Photo is Cabal, one of the actors, in the pen area.

His makeup and that of Ariell were real works of art.