On the cusp of something big

Post date: Feb 02, 2012 10:20:10 AM

As I write this it is just 50 minutes until Mark's birthday in this hemisphere anyway - 12 hours and 50 minutes where Mark lives so I guess he is younger over there! Breaking one of my rules and am going to share a story I've already told Adrian because it is good.


Love Sandra/Mum

his morning when I got to work there was a message that I needed to call the organizers of the Carterton Wheelbarrow Race. Now not only was I so uneducated that I didn't know that Carteron held a wheelbarrow race but I also was totally unaware that this auspicious event is a historical re-enactment. So that you are no older than your current ages before this part of NZ history is brought to your attention I take it upon myself to educate you. Around the 1860s the Mr Carter who later gave his name to the town of Carterton was just getting established as a farmer in the newly opened up Wairarapa. He came over the hills to Wellington to buy some trees for his new farm and put these trees in a wheelbarrow and walked over the Rimutaka Hills - yes walked with wheelbarrow. This must have been hot and exhausting so our Mr Carter stopped at pub on way and went inside for a beer. He had parked his wheelbarrow outside pub. While he was supping someone came along and took his wheelbarrow with trees. Carter came out and gave chase - for miles the story goes. Now you know.

I hope Mark that the package we sent arrived in time for your birthday. And for Maria and Tim tomorrow marks the move into new house together. Truly tomorrow is a remarkable day - may it be truly auspicious.