Making world headlines

Post date: Apr 23, 2012 9:40:28 AM

It takes a lot for New Zealand to make world headlines but a coroners court hearing in Invercargill has done jsut that.Back story - young woman aged 30 died suddenly in 2010. Coroners hearing for sudden death happening now. Husband in giving trstimony noted that his wife drank 8-10 litres of Coke every day. Was she addicted - in the husband's words " If she ran out, trouble ensued. She would get moody, listless, and angry" I'll take that as a yes.

Did she do anything other than drink Coke - cos we are talking about a lot of drinking 4 large bottles every day!

But it would seem she did other things. Because although her death was counted as a suddne death actually she had been experiencing ehalth problems for more than a year including frequent vomiting, heart pains etc. This was all put down to her lookign after her 8 children. Yes she ahd 8 children before she was 30 - so we can definitely say she had time for other activities.

Coca Cola intially were initally very blut about the claims that Coke killed her and said claims were "patently untrue". However recently their comments have changed and they are quoted saying "grossly excessive ingestion of any food product, including water could be harmful. We believe that all foods and beverages can have a place in a balanced and sensible diet combined with an active lifestyle." With 8 children she presumably had the active lifestyle!

But one of the things Adrian pointed ou to me today is that this story has been picked up around the world including Buzzfeed.

May you never drink this much of anything.