Relatively speaking

Post date: Nov 16, 2015 9:27:49 AM

Today is the anniversary of David Livingstone reaching the Victoria Falls in 1855. History tells us that by age 27 David had trained as both a doctor and a missionary. He left Scotland to go to Africa and bring God and medicine to the natives - in that order I think. Early in his time he was attacked by a lion that meant his left arm became useless. Despite being one armed he also explored and mapped quite a bit of the Zambesi river. Famously he had no contact with people outside Africa for four years. The Missionary Society sent out another missionary to look for him which is a bit mind blowing in itself. How do you think the conversation went " Haven't heard from Dave for a while. No letters, last heard he had an issue with a lion. Better send someone out to see if lion got rest of him. Let's send our man Henry. Tell him find the river and turn left."

David Livingstone came from the same town as my father. My paternal grandmother was a Livingstone and this was Papa's middle name. Although we have no documents to prove it all the signs suggest we have a family connection to the missionary explorer. Certainly Papa's letter writing skills came through the Livingstone side!