I honour you Mr Birdseye

Post date: Mar 08, 2012 9:17:42 AM

On Tuesday it was "National Frozen Food Day" and we missed it!

We are in the start of Frozen food month - which has follwed the Canned Food Month of February. We missed all fo that. Which month do you think is fresh food month?

Anyway frozen food month was initiated in the USA (where else?) in part of honour the Birds Eye manufacturers contribution to the US society (or was it economy?)

In 1981 Ronald Regan and Nancy famously supported National Frozen Food Day with this press release photo of the Reagan's eating TV dinners at the White House. Now I'm not sure about the dinners but the furniture, carpet and curtains in this room are enough to make your eyes water!

We had a lovely meal with Marg and John tonight. Our kitchen has most of its cupboards in place but no sink, plumbing or electrical appliances and no bench. it is going to be at least another week before we have everything and could be longer - will be much more disruptive than was planned.

At this rate we will become advocates of TV dinners!