Papa would have cried buckets

Post date: Mar 08, 2013 9:4:46 AM

There is nothing reported on what the fate of the workers was but it certainly underlines the research that says that more mistakes are made on night shift than day shifts

Did you hear the news from the Chivas Regal disaster this week? In something that sounds like a comedy movie to rival The Angels Share the night shift workers at the whiskey plant were meant to be cleaning water and cleaning fluid out of some whiskey tanks but drained the wrong tanks and over $750,000 of whiskey was drained into the streams. The whiskey was discovered by the sewage workers who were trying to trace the unusual smell - can you imagine how strong the smell had to be if the sewage workers detected it??

There was an article in an earlier news bulletin about how many fish are affected by people who flush anti depressants down the loo. How do you think the Scottish salmon responded to the whiskey??