Post date: May 13, 2013 7:55:53 PM

The conservation people are now talking. About capturing Duncan and putting him in a sanctuary for his own safety. Has caused some discussion - is he unsafe?

Tried to post last night but it just didn't want to publish. So try again. I am in Auckland where the news has been about Duncan the kokako who went walkabout. Kokako, in case you have forgotten, are an endangered native bird species - recognisable both by distinctive colouring but also call which sounds like "ko-ka-ko"Anyway a kokako has been living in a suburban Auckland garden in an arrangement between Forest & Bird and Dept of Conservation. Whoever was looking after kokako called him Duncan. Why you might ask - but this remains a mystery. Personally I think calling an exotic bird Duncan sets bird up for the same kind of problems Johnny Cash sang about in A Boy Named Sue.

However the bird named Duncan went missing. Forest & bird and Dept of Conservation were sure Duncan had met a sticky end - dinner for local cat, dog or other predator. They were mourning Duncan when he was discovered alive well and singing 10km away in another suburb. Kokako are v heavy birds so don't fly well. So it appears Duncan walked or hitchhiked from his home to another. I think he was trying to get away from his name!