Research proves link between happiness and chocolate

Post date: Apr 26, 2015 9:1:51 AM

In the last few days the news of the latest world happiness poll has been released. From this map the greener the country the happier it is. Red is the other end of table. This is one where NZ beats Australia, USA and Britain. We, along with Australia just make it into top 10 (NZ is 9 and Australia 10). USA is number 15 and Britain comes in at 20. The African nations feature in the world's least happy places. Officially the happiness score is linked to things like feeling safe in your neighbourhood, trusting government officials, people who are concerned for others as measured by % of population who volunteer for charitable work etc. however I like the news article that noted the very high correlation between the world's happiest countries and the countries that eat the most chocolate. Switzerland heads both tables - and in fact 6 of the top 10 chocolate consuming nations also feature in the top 10 happy ones. Research proves what Nana taught us - chocolate is the secret to happiness.