Saved by her underwear

Post date: Jul 12, 2015 2:31:43 AM

Kirkcaldie and Stains (usually shortened to Kirks) is the large Wellington department store on Lambton Quay that was recently bought out by Australian chain David Jones. With 150 year history there has been much nostalgia written about Kirks including yesterday's Dom Post article

The lovely story contained in here is that of the woman having a cup of tea in the Kirks tearooms in 1898 with daughter and friend. This woman noticed that the tearoom staff member was her sworn enemy Ellen so whipped out her 6 chamber revolver and shot her. Ellen ran and hid in the kitchen - shooters friend fainted and tearoom people cleared out quickly. One of Ellen's colleagues managed to catch shooters hand so the next 2 shots went awry. Police came and woman arrested. The doctor who attended poor shot Ellen told the newspaper "Had that bullet struck a man where it struck Mrs Dick (Ellen) it would have killed him" Her metal corset saved her. This makes 2 posts about underwear this weekend!!

The photo shows Lambton Quay in 1909 - you might recognise the Kirks building but everything else looks v different