The Accidental Mayor

Post date: Jun 09, 2012 3:9:9 AM

Hey guys,

Was listening to The Bugle ( the other day and they delightedly told the story of Fabio Borsatti, the man who accidentally became mayor of an Italian town he didn't even live in. He ran as a candidate for mayor as a favour to his friend who didn't want to run unopposed in case he didn't get enough votes for the election to count. Despite his entire family voting for the other candidate, Borsatti won the election with around 58% of the vote. According to the article ( "he only realised he had become mayor when people telephoned him, as he was watching football, to congratulate him." I wonder if he has to move there now?

Unrelated but Wellington had an incredible sunset last night. When I drive to work I park in the stadium carpark, here are a couple of photos of the Beehive I took from the stadium concourse: