Of course it's a full moon

Post date: Feb 22, 2016 8:50:55 AM

Tonight we walked on waterfront on one of Wellington's beautiful late summer evenings. The moon was full.

As it is only a month until Easter and the moon cycle is about a month then this is an "of course".

Easter planning is complex - and that is not just about travelling. Easter Sunday has to occur on the first Sunday after the full moon that marks The spring equinox in Northern hemisphere. The earliest an Easter Sunday can be us 23 March (as it was in 2008). The latest it can be is April 24 (2011)

In 1989 Easter Sunday was March 26. We know this because on Easter Minday that year Maria Rachel made an appearance.

The next time there is a full moon we will be in Chch celebrating Easter Sunday and Maria's birthday