Post date: Dec 13, 2012 9:7:0 AM

Do you think if I promise to cut back on the chips and wine I could enter??

Do you think you can do this run in high heels?

Do you think this is earth shattering news

I got very cross with the news tonight Headlines news was that Pippa Middleton was going to cut back on her food and drink over Christmas because she is considering doing the Coast to Coast race in New Zealand in February.

As far as I know the race involves 100+km of cycling, 60km of kayaking and 30 km of running. "I think I'll cut back a bit on the booze and chips" really does sound like all the preparation you need . . . Other people train for months or years

What made it worse was to see Robin Judkins, the race organiser saying how wonderful this would be and of course she wouldn't have to pay the $1000 entrance fee.