I know you from somewhere

Post date: Dec 14, 2015 1:17:24 AM

Here's one of them

Sir Thomas Beecham, founder of London Philharmonic Orchestra once ran into a distinguished looking woman in the lobby of a hotel. Although he couldn't remember her name he thought he knew her. When he engaged in conversation he vaguely recollected that she had a brother. Hoping for a clue to her identity he asked how her brother was and whether he was still working at the same job.

"Oh he's very well" was the reply "and he is still king" Woman was Princess Mary, sister of King George VI and aunt to Queen Elizabeth.

Talking of looking familiar you can see the family resemblance to the Queen.

Tonight we are having dinner with Liz, Noel and Marie. Liz and Noel fly to Melbourne on Saturday so this is our last chance to see them before Christmas/Noel's birthday.Hopefully Adrian will get to see them over Christmas week. They fly back to NZ for New Year - going to Queenstown I think before heading to Singapore to meet little Hannah Elizabeth and see John and Jen.

Anyway because of the dinner tonight I joined the lunchtime shopping hordes today realising that Noel's birthday present was a must, already have the card. Am sure I will offend him (again) but I stood in shop and chuckled over the book 1,000 Unforgettable Senior Moments (of which we could only remember 246) so that's what he is going to get.

Because by tonight the book will be wrapped up, unwrapped and gone to live at Eleys I am writing this now before I forget and while book is open on my desk.

If we kept book it would join the reading matter in the downstairs loo and I am sure we would hear chuckles emanating from behind the closed door at times.