Pretty sure name is not Jerry

Post date: Apr 29, 2016 9:40:21 PM

My dread of rodents is pretty well known. It has been documented in this blog. In fact I recall sometime last year I was driven to write several blog posts in quick succession just to ensure a mice photo was removed from front page. On Thursday I went to feed the dog. This routine activity causes much leaping and jumping for one of the two family members who engage in the nightly ritual - not usually the human one. However on Thursday as I put my hand into the bag of dog food something ran over my arm and over the floor. My greatest fear was realised. Leaping and jumping happened - and that wasn't Lily. I don't know a lot about this mouse other than that it exists. Neither of us slowed down enough to exchange names.

Tony and Marie were particularly unsympathetic to my plight. But when I pointed out that I was unable to now enter the laundry Tony knew his life could be changed forever. In the short term it meant Tony spent his last holiday afternoon cleaning out the laundry cupboard. And on this weekends list of desirable activities comes mouse bait. Needless to say it seems neither dog nor cat think that mouse removal is in their job description.

In 1947 Hanna-Barbara released their 32nd Tom & Jerry cartoon called "A mouse in the house". I find nothing humorous in having a mouse in the house.