The ultimate introvert

Post date: Feb 12, 2016 8:10:44 PM

OK we all know I am an extrovert and that when I am in the office people notice. I talk to people; I laugh; I tease and otherwise engage. There are people who are introverts - come into work; sit down; don't say a word to anyone and get on with their work. I did work with a colleague in ALAC who was referred to as "The Invisible Man" - he chose to stay on the road rather than be in the office. We might not have been sure what he did but people in the region loved him.

But there is a public servant in Spain who takes being quiet to the extreme - he didn't turn up to work for 6 years before he retired in 2011. Not sure which part of this is more amazing - that he didn't go to work or that the government kept paying him. Makes the civil service look particularly inept. Equally amazing to know that once the civil service worked it out they took him to court to get his wages paid back and he defended his case He list and has to pay back some, but presumably not all of the wages he was paid for NOT going to work

If not an introvert the only other option he was such an obnoxious colleague that the rest of the team thought it worth covering his 6 year absence