It is all about food

Post date: Dec 30, 2012 9:22:37 AM

It is unfortunate that this table - our Christmas dinner main course looks more appealing than a pregnancy hormone injection!!

As I was relishing some delicious Arrowtown fudge I was reading about various diet trends which are not at all like our current one. Apparently the 2012 diet hit was the Paleo diet sometimes called the Caveman diet whe basically you eat only what was available to our palaeolithic ancestors like fruit, berries, cooked wild game (first catch your mammoth) I guess you are allowed to cook on a stove rather than lighting a fire. This seems slightly more aesthetically pleasing than the raw food diet which includes eating raw meat

A scarier diet is the HcG diet - you eat only 500 calories per day plus you inject yourself with human pregnancy hormones (HcG)

We are in the midst of holiday which of course means we are on the holiday diet - too much food, good wine, cheese and tasty treats. We love it.As part of today's extensive culinary adventure we went to Cromwell Farmers Market this morning where along with buying wine,cheese, bread and Pinot noir sauce we bumped into both Gary and Rose and David and Lana.