Sandra home

Post date: Jul 03, 2013 9:5:53 PM

At the airport with Mark and Stacey, Sandra's heroes of the day (or ten)Over all Tony and Sandra were really quite pleased to see Sandra back safely. There were dramas not the least of them that there was insufficient time allowed to get from international to domestic and so the flight home was delayed. Another the fact that she has been assigned seats t 20 A & B which meant that, having arrived after boarding started, she had to struggle down 20 rows in a crowded plane! The passengers were quite animated!

By the time we got to our house all energy was used up and we ended up going round the back and having her sit onto a chair on the deck which we then swiveled and repeated for the step into the house!

Off to the medical centre now and we'll see how that goes...swelling not too bad and not heating up so hopefully all good.

We have the bed set up in the dining room and we found Sandra could shuffle onto the couch last night, then get off by herself which was very gratifying! Lily came back from kennels and I think by then she had forgotten that Sandra had been gone...Sandra was just exactly where she should be when a dog comes home too!