Haere ra Robin

Post date: Aug 15, 2014 9:42:26 AM

But it is

He always reminded me of Becs and Micaela's dad Paul. The same frenetic energy

I do note that he was a bit older than Tony and I but his children are about the same ages as you. Though not same mother for each. Your parents are both more boring (and alive)

Never easy to know what to say when it is suicide - no winners.

Was sad to hear of Robin Williams death this week. Not possible to say you either love or hate his movies. He did some amazing ones - Dead Poets Society, One Hour Photos and Mrs Doubtfire probably my favourites. Some really awful ones - Patch Adams and Flubber for me. Makes me think the ones I like he seems least like Robin Williams. Ones I don't he plays himself. What about you - your best and worst Robin Williams movies.