Smiling? Happy? or do you need a RAK?

Post date: Feb 09, 2012 5:25:40 AM

I was reading the Dom this morning (as I am want to do) and there was an article about the yellow smiley face

Much of it was stuff I knew but had forgotten.


    • In the mid 1960s Havey Ball designed the yellow smiley as part of an internal communications plan to help the staff of two merged companies work better together

    • In the 70s it became the biggest selling lapel button along with the tag line "Have a nice day"

    • In the 80s it was used as the sticker attached to ecstasy tablets

    • In the 2000s the original designer thought the devise was losing its potency so in order to reclaim it he set up World Smile Day

I thought "must remember that because it'll make a good blog for today".

As I was writing some other stuff for work today I came across "World Happy Day" which is on Saturday 11 Feb.

Further tracking of this appears to be promotion for a documentary called Happy and some synchronised screenings of this - though not in NZ. Wonder if that means we are already Happy and don't need it in NZ? or too far gone to be saved from depression?

So I am left wondering if World Smile Day Day is in any way linked to World Happy Day? And the answers appears to be not at all - Smile Day is October. Random Acts of Kindness Week does start on 13 Feb - but that appears to be random association.

So can I tie it all together?

with a stretch

Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it. so said Bernard Meltzer

so share your happiness, smiles and random acts of kindness like kisses!