Things I have forgotten

Post date: Oct 02, 2014 9:39:40 AM

I am sitting in the dark in bedroom waiting for Maeve to go to sleep. Maeve may be 11 but unlike you three she has had very few nights away from home without her parents. Came to us today as planned all going very well till she was in bed. The wail from bedroom took us a while to register - forgotten that adults can go to children - expect child to come to adults. "I want my Dad" is a challenging statement. End stage is I am sitting on Maria's bed with Maeve fighting sleep. I has forgotten how long the sleep battle can last. I expect sleep will win - but might conquer me before Maeve!! It is only 3 months since Tony and I were sleeping down here but already I had forgotten that the wind noise down here is much more oppressive than upstairs - and tonight is a bit of a howler.

So much forgetting