Actually yellowish green

Post date: Jun 06, 2017 10:9:48 AM

Seems like blog is almost history. Given that today marks a significant event in our family history thought I should blog. Today Ket cat, aged 17 or more had a one way trip to the vet. It would be a gross exaggeration to say Ket was a much loved cat, or even a lovable cat. Mostly Ket used us for food, warmth and to open the door for her life. Tony often commented that for Ket the other side of the door was where she wanted to be.

It is over 2 years ago we were told she likely had kidney trouble and that she could last for some time but at a point there would be a sudden detrioration. That point happened sometime over the last couple of months- and even more noticeably over last two weeks. Her sight went - which meant finding her food bowl got hatter and harder, it also meant she walked into doors, no longer through them and being inside was just too scary.

She was not going to last the winter.

With all that, and knowing for at least 2 weeks that the end was nigh I was still feeling a bit stunned when calling the vet today I was offered a 5pm appointment- and deed was done by 5:09pm. There were in fact 2 needles - a bluefish colour liquid was a general sedative which we saw being administered. The yellowish green needle, containing the same drug as used for lethal injections in the US was administered by IV after we left and while she was already asleep.

We knew the end was nigh; we know this was our last cat. We still have to say Goodbye to a personality that has shared our home for the 15 years we have lived in Wellington.