We love whanau

Post date: Feb 08, 2013 9:41:51 AM

Really funny to think of all of them within an hours drive of each other, at separate couple celebrations. From the map you could draw a 2cm circle around Lake Taupo The logistics of Adrian, Maria, Tim, Becs and Mike actually meeting up are slim to minimal. But we are lucky because we get to see all of them over the weekend. Actually slight exaggeration in there because it's Monday before we see Maria and Tim because both Tony and I are travelling to Auckland on Monday for separate work trips

And Maria and Tim head to Rotorua for the hen and stag dos before the wedding later this month??

Tonight Becs and Mike arrived. They collect a camper van tomorrow morning and head off for the metropolis of Paengaroa for a wedding. Paengaroa is where Rose Grindley grew up - so in 1979 Tony and I trekked to Paengaroa for a wedding.

Been a lovely couple of days. Yesterday Adrian arrived from Melbourne. He looks v happy.Today he took car and left today for Matt and Chloe's wedding in the centre of the world known as Reparoa.