Excitement is building

Post date: Jan 28, 2015 4:51:56 AM

You should have all of us; probably Liz and Noel; hopefully Marie.

Nana won't make it - what seemed feasible last year really isn't possible this year.

I did tell a lie on the last post . . . .of course there is a bloggable entry which concerns the anniversary of Cyrus the Great of Persia capturing Babylon (539BC); Charles Macintosh selling the first raincoats (1823); the day the 1,000,000th Model T Ford rolled off the ford Assembly Line (1915) and from 2016 onward should be Mark & Stacey's wedding anniversary.

Fortuitously Air New Zealand have announced sale fares to the UK that cover the exact time period. We are looking at booking soon - so M&S if the date is likely to change much speak now . . . At this stage we think we will leave NZ on night of 30th September and return from London on or near 15th October. M&T and Adrian we need to coordinate the travel plans