Not quite 50 Shades of Grey

Post date: Mar 03, 2015 8:41:38 AM

I heard the other day that the widow of Dr Suess has found previously unpublished manuscripts - three of them. The first is being published this year with others due in subsequent years. Do you think Audrey, Dr Suess' widow has just started tidying up and found these or do you think like me, somewhat cynically, there might have been some completing or even writing going on so the income doesn't dry up? Anyway I predict "Which pet will we choose?" (Doesn't really sound like a Dr Suess title does it?) will be a hit.It might not fetch quite the price that Dr Suess' only adult book commands. If you have a spare $US380 you can buy a copy of a reprint of his 1939 book called "The Seven Lady Godivas" based on the little known tale of the seven nudist Godiva sisters who need to bring scientific light to the world.

He thought the Godivas had a bad name that needed to be rectified.