Busting to be beautiful

Post date: Jun 18, 2014 10:9:8 AM


saw an article today that said the public toilets on the Wellington waterfront have been rated as the 3rd mist beautiful public toilets in the worldNow these loos are certainly a talking point - that is not necessarily the same as beautiful. Apparently the do appear as one of the "must see" sights on a trip to Wellington To me that always sounds like a worry. If you come to Wellington I would hope there was more to see than the loo. Actually M&S did you see this at all? Was your visit missing a highlight?

I know the Hunterwasser toilets in Kawakawa are the centre of that towns sightseeing - but having been to Kawakawa I do understand that to be true. I also note they are not listed as the worlds most beautiful.


You could in fact do a world tour of designer loos - someone obviously did as the 10 best include Australia, Japan, Germany, Sweden, China, USA Poland and NZ

That is some travel writers dark little secret "my job is seeking out the best loos in the world"