On being there

Post date: Feb 14, 2014 9:13:28 AM

Maria and I arrived in Chch this morning joining Tony, Marie, Micaela and Jenny. Visiting Gran was both easier and harder than we could imagine. Easier because when we first saw her she recognised us and could talk with us. Harder because when you see her it is so obvious that her link to life is tenuous - only willpower it seems keeps her breathing..We experienced moments when the Gran we knew shone through - her comment that just because you are 91 doesn't mean you can't have style (in reference to Maria commenting on her beautifully manicured nails)

The hands with the beautifully nails (except for one which split) are now the largest part of her body. The rest really is but a shell.

Mark and Stacey we very much feel your love from afar. We know this is a tough time for us all - and while we can acknowledge that this is the time to say Goodbye it is not said lightly or easily.

And of course one of the essential memories of Gran is that she has been there for us - firstly for Tony and his sisters as the centre of her world during their childhood. In the 1990s Gran was definitely there for us - all 5 of us relied at some point on Gran being there for our moral or practical support - time, baking, love, affection, Pizza Hutt trips whatever.

Memories of Gran wil form part of family stories for all of us - just the way it should be for her gentle loving soul.