Rabbit ear takes on new meaning

Post date: Jan 24, 2014 9:10:38 AM

News this week from South Afriica has caught world attention. Large bronze statue of Nelson Mandela -9m high- unveiled in Pretoria last month. Must have been commissioned while he was alive but unveiled a week after he died. Wonder if that was coincidence or planned?Apparently the sculptors had wanted to sign their names at bottom of statue and this was refused. So inside one of Mandela's ears is a tiny carved rabbit - a different form of signature! Some sharp eyed journalist/photographer spotted this bunny and international incident created. The sculptors have a bit of support but Sth African government wants bunny removed as it denigrates national hero - though sculptors can now have a plaque . . .

Given the respective size of the statue and rabbit and the position which must be at least 8m off the ground I think it should be left.