All in a day's work

Post date: May 15, 2014 8:14:17 PM

If you look carefully at the bottom photo you will see Tony sitting next to Annette King. Adrian and Tim you will see James Lowe

and if you have very eagle eyes you will see our friend Fran McGrath who was there in her official position of Deputy Director General Public Health

We used this occasion to bring some of our Arthritis Ambassadors to Wellington. Dick Tayler (Commonwealth games 1974 James Lowe (Chiefs 2014 Mary jane O'Reilly - dancer and Suzanne Prentice - singer

Suzanne sang at the event - timing was challenging as we were under instructions that all singing had to be completed before 7:30pm. It could have been cringe worthy but actually the singing was a hit - she sang well known songs and even had people up dancing on the last one. Many of the politicians said that was a first!!

I had started this blog yesterday but got distracted by work so not finished. Tony beat me to it. But I will post anyway. On Wednesday Arthritis New Zealand hosted our first ever dinner with our Parliamentary Friends of Arthritis group. We usually have a smaller function - drinks and nibbles but this was full on meal. It was a big undertaking for us - there are fixed costs involved (quite substantial) and our past experience is that MPs are not great at turning up - especially if there is a better offer. However last night was great. Tony had indicated an interest in coming so very special for me to have him at my side.

Dinner was in the Grand Hall - oddly named as it is not nearly as large or grand as the Banquet room. The Hall is part of the old Parliament Buildings and apparently used to be the members lounge - so had billiard tables and smoking spaces. No trace of these now. Photos give some sense of the beauty of the room.