The value of friendship

Post date: Apr 26, 2013 11:29:12 AM

We are in Cromwell tonight with Gary and Rose having had the last day and a half in Dunedin.Wednesday night we were out for Marg Little's birthday We have reflected over the last 48 hours on how lucky we are to have friends that have spanned three decades (more for Gary and Tony)

It is a wonderful feeling to be able to talk with people who were are so comfortable that even the mundane becomes a matter for laughter.

Yesterday we spent some time looking around Dunedin including an hour or so out at St Clair beach - the surf was amazing - picture shows Tony trying to capture this- Gray, Rose and I were watching an d waiting for Tony to be caught by the splurge - almost every other spectator did but Tony avoided getting wet - we were disappointed!

One of the things that 30+ years of friendship also brings is the realisation we are all getting older. Gary and Rose are about to sell their "new" house in Dunedin(they have now lived there for 16years) but Gary really can't manage the stairs. He is obviously in pain as he walks. They will be buying a single storey house on a flat section. This is likely to be the last time we stay at Aytoun St.

We have good friends that have supported us over our lifetimes. We watch with pride as you guys maintain the kinds of friends that will be in that role for you Mark you have Sam; Adrian you have many including Tim, Karl, Libby; Maria you have Caitlin, Helen etc

Treasure and nurture these friends- they are worth gold for your adult life