In preparation for 2016

Post date: Aug 09, 2015 4:41:19 AM

Jenny was trying to hide but the waitress, entrusted with a huge responsibility, insisted on taking another photo because she was too far back, and this time got her woman.

interestingly Denis was sometimes referred to as Papa's younger brother. I these photos you can see why!

We have had a lovely weekend in Christchurch - with Jenny and Nana. Weather has been crappy - so cold that the highest temperature since our arrival has been 5. sleet but no snow lying so we should get out tomorrow. Main purpose of the visit was to celebrate Nana's birthday. Technically the birthday is tomorrow but we have made a day of it today. I went to church with Nana - what was St Giles though new name (the Village at Papanui); no church building and new minister makes it feel quite different. A few people were asking after you all - Mark you might be interested to hear that Michael Weiss has gone back to uni and is now embarking on a PhD in music.

Lunch at Hinton's ( same place as we had Maria's 21st) was really lovely. They brought Nana's meal of salmon out with a candle. You might recognise Nana's friends Jeannie and Denis who joined us. Movies tonight will end the day.

Nana's descriptions of today have include " out of this world". " just wonderful" and "I Don't know what I've done to deserve this". We noted it was the warm up for next year and her 90th. She is promising a can can next year. Better mark date in your diary now.