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Post date: May 03, 2013 6:54:32 PM

we are living together since january 2013 in san vito al tagliamento. it's a little city close to arzene (15 km) so i didn't go very far from my family (so far!!).

we live in a very little flat of 60 mq but we love it's what we can afford now and also we know that in this way it'll be easy in few years deciding a better location for us 'cause there'll be surely not space enough for a i'm pregnant!! :-) we are having our baby at the end of may 2013. 4 weeks are missing!!! and i couldn't waiting more to tell you that!!!! i have a big belly and the baby moves a lot!!!! we do not know if it'll be a girl or a boy baby!! we wish a big surprise till the end of the pregnancy but i'm becoming so much curious now that is missing such a little time!

are you happy?? we are enthusiastic and wishing to share our joy with you :-)

i still work as a nurse at the hospital of udine and still love it even if i've many kms to drive from home each day.

denis is a pianist and he too loves his job and passion even if he finds more and more difficulties to reach what he really wants to become because of the big crysis and the not so well "recognized" musician profession here in italy.

so, i'll soon send you some pictures!!

take care!


Isn't that great news

how beautiful you all are from the pictures you sent me for christmas!! i will soon send you new pictures of me and obviously also of my boyfriend denis! ;-) i know you are curious to know about him!!

i'm fine and i have lots of things to tell you! i'm sorry for my long lasting silences!!!!!!!

how are you all??

ciao a tutti!!!!!!!

Been a few blogless days.

Biggest news came in an email from Ele

And like all Ele's messages it is best read from her complete with !!!

Updated some weeks laterEle has sent a photo so adding this now