Their turn

Post date: Jul 27, 2012 9:46:48 AM

We have been watching the rugby - semi final in Hamilton Chiefs vs Crusaders. Very close game that Chiefs won. Was their turn; and Dan Carter had one of his worst gme we've even. Mot unusual.

We know Tim willbe ecstatic and against Adrian and Maria's advice I had my points on Chiefs so I'm alright. Sharks tomorrow and we are set up for final in Hamilton.

In Mark's neck of the woods it is of course the start of the Olympics . Wonder if it NZ turn to win more medals than ever before? I have to support Mahe Drysdale.

Thinking of mark as he ends his time at current jobs. Hard times as Maria and Adrian both know from recent experience. Even when it is your turn to go not always easy.

Take care Hope to see/ Skype each of you this weekend.

Love as ever