Finding Nirvana

Post date: Jun 20, 2014 9:14:6 AM

It has been a long week with events every evening for me - which also takes its toll on Tony on top of his own stressful workload. We had been holding out for the weekend with our Margrain visit booked courtesy of family. Tony collected me from work at 4:30. We were home by 5; packed and out by 5:35, dog to kennels then headed off to Martinborough. Arrived here by just after 7.

The place is magical - even in the dark.

We did head into the village had an amazing platter - duck spring rolls, squid, kofta meatballs, pork belly and pumpkin risotto - only one of which would have suited you Mark-o.

It's just after 9 we are drinking a delightful Mad Dog from Margrain eating delicious cheese and watching the Under 20 rugby final. England has just won by one point - you can tell they are under 20 - the English excitement and Sth Adrican sadness are very much adolescence!

It has been amazing to watch Tony visibly relax as we arrived. I am picking he has watched the same for me! Thank you my lovely family.