Media spotlight

Post date: Sep 05, 2012 9:0:32 PM

Sitting in Aucklland airport feeling absolutely stuffed. Have been awake since before 4 and know that bed tonight will be somewhat close to midnight in Nelson.

Yesterday we released a report on working with arthritis and for whatever reason it has hit a sweet spot. Yesterday I did 7 media interviews. Today there is a piece in the Herald

And the Dom Post

As I was listening to the 6am news it was on that and I was off to TVNZ where I was on Breakfast just before 7am news. Being featured probably on Close Up tonight

Given how much energy we have out into other media events with much less pick up I am slightly stunned. Made more bemusing by the fact that when I first received a draft of this report I sat with the person who commissioned and paid for it and we both said "this is boring". Put in a lot of work between that draft and final report but it is still dry. But hardly going to complain that we are getting a message out there.