Pooch or Porshe problem?

Post date: Jan 09, 2016 8:38:28 AM

Tonight we are back home, 17 days after leaving. Been a great time, with 12 of the days being with Maria & Tim. Has made the concept of moving to Auckland to be closer to family feel more like an imperative than a passing thought.


It is clear these neighbours do not get along well - I suspect they do not have street parties together and probably don't ask each other to look after the plants/pets/mail when they are away. What is not so clear is what caused the breakdown in neighbourly relations more than 5 years ago. Neighbours say it is the dogs - two of them with one being an incessant barker. However the funnily named Sherie de la Croix, dog owner, believes people only started getting upset when she and husband bought a Porshe.

It is worth reading the article. With my great insights into human behaviours I predict this article has done nothing to heal the rifts

On the way home Tony was reading from the Herald the saga of the Remuera neighbours that has ended up in court.