Whad'ya mean?

Post date: Jun 17, 2012 9:49:37 AM

God doth object - whether it's to the choice of meal or just to the being served when people are still coming or going to church is v unclear.

But there is apparently a law in New York that says you can't dine on a footpath in New York before noon on a Sunday. Mostly this law has been ignored but in one part of the city some of the church goers have protested and there have been prosecutions for serving pancakes on the sidewalk.

In a totally unrelated item there was a comment in yesterdays paper that there was a crackdown on ricotta pancakes in New York. (Adrian noted this would have fallen flat:-))

I do like One doze and Milburn though lust is quite good too.

This will be useful for Stacey in trying to understand the foreigners from Mark's family:-)

They re-created the New Zillund alphabet which I am sure I have shared before but is worth sharing again

Interesting article in today's paper that talks about the words that have been added to the English language as a result of the Chch earthquake - all feature "munted" but you can add degrees of "munt" - so along with munted you can have "majorly munted" or "mega munt"Ah it is good to contribute to language growth - or not