A Butter Battle Day

Post date: Mar 23, 2014 8:54:43 AM

Not because we started a nuclear war . . . We have had a lovely weekend. In the "Last day of summer, ten hours before fall" type This type of very late summer day always reminds me of Butter Battle. Spoken before about how Dr Suess did have a knack of being able to capture ordinary experiences as poetic.

Anyway on this stunning day we and thousands of other Wellingtonians went for a walk on waterfront. As well as a cruise ship in the harbour the Russian billionaire super yacht that has been in Auckland for months today was in Wellington. It seemed that every size, shape and propulsion method of craft was on the water - wakeboards, kayaks, dragon boats, yachts, motorboats, tugs etc etc. Funnily enough just about every one of those vessels found their path just happened to coincide with the path of A (name of Melnichenko's yacht)

As something that would not be out if place in a James Bond novel maybe Butter Battle analogy not too far fetched!