Helipro. 15 minutes of elevation

Post date: Sep 14, 2014 8:50:11 AM

You may have seen my link to web photos but all in all a VERY successful 15 minutes in which we essentially circled the harbour while I took lots of pictures. Because I also wanted to see things real time I couldnt see whether my photos were focused so it was excellent to come down and find that they were!

Went out onto the pad (can't be a runway because the helicopter doesn't run...tho nor do planes) and took my place in the second row beside two girls from Arizona. Was shown how to open the door but given the survival of people in helicopters who crash, little time was spent on crash procedures.

Looked for Mum on the way down; she was there but well concealed.

As for the trip it was a little like being in a car in the air, likely as your plane fights were Mark. Loved getting perpectives that you just don't get on a jetliner! Like this picture because the effect is quite unreal