Working in a high risk industry

Post date: Aug 19, 2015 8:42:59 AM

Today after much toing and froing the new Health and Safety in the workplace Act has been passed. This Act was originally planned as a response to the Pike River Mine disaster where it was shown that the owners and the managers of the mine were not legally liable for the deaths of the 29 miners. In the final wrap up some businesses have been deemed low risk - like dairy farming and sheep farming. There have only been 10 deaths in the agricultural sector this year which represents 50% of all workplace deaths this year.

Other businesses - like working for Arthritis NZ, worm farming and mice breeding are deemed high risk and have additional health & safety regulations. As far as I know no staff of Arthritis NZ have been killed in the course of their work this year - or any other year.

Yes Pike River miners can rest easy knowing the Arthritis NZ staff will be so much safer now

Pity about the farm workers